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A hatha yoga teacher since 1989, Louise Dorian was originally certified by the Ayurvedic Whole Life Center in Brookline, Mass. She has since evolved her own unique style of teaching, incorporating:

  • The detail and precision of Iyengar yoga
  • The gentle, individualized approach of Kripalu
  • The inner focus and playful quality of Angela Farmer's innovative teaching

while still maintaining the balanced focus of ayurvedic principles.

Meditative in style, her classes abound with detail and subtlety, allowing both new and advanced students to move at their own pace so that they can gently open their bodies as they reach toward the health and well-being that springs from full range of movement and balance in joints. Emphasis is on alignment of the chakras and spine with awareness of the breath to promote lifted posture and clarity of mind.

Louise has taught yoga in corporate settings for over ten years. She consults to companies interested in setting up and developing yoga programs for stress reduction. Private yoga is available to students who would like individual instruction, $50/hour.

New students are invited to try a free class! Students are invited to try the first class for free and then attend on a drop-in basis, or register for eight classes at a discounted fee.

Prenatal Yoga

Louise is also certified in prenatal yoga and offers a Saturday morning class for expectant mothers from 10 - 11:30.

In prenatal yoga we are cultivating conscious relatxation - the optimum condition from which to give birth... at ease in your body, at ease in your mind, calm and confident in preparing for labor and childbirth.

Classes are gentle and relaxing and include:

  • Abdominal toning
  • Pelvic toning
  • Breath work (enhancing oxygenation)
  • Meditation and visualization
  • Postures that remediate the common discomforts of pregnancy

Hi Louise,
I delivered Millie Marie at 9:07 am today completely naturally! My water broke at home at 2:45am last night and contractions started quickly! I used the tub at Emerson and chanted through every contraction. It was amazing. Painful, but the chanting really gave me a sense of control over the pain, even in transition when I was not sure I could do it. I was not sure I would use it but I sure did and I am so glad! She is 21.5 inches long and 9lb 1.5 ounces. She is a big girl, and has a dark head of hair like her daddy! I will send along some photos after we get home!
Your class is awesome and I will recommend it to everyone I know!!!
Thank you!

Hi Louise,
Things are well! My (big) baby boy came into the world on Tuesday morning in a drug free, intervention free, upright birth. I woke up in labor at 2:30am with contractions 7 min. apart, took a shower, drank water and ate a banana. Woke my husband up at 3:45, got to the hospital at 5:30ish at 7-8cm dilated and baby was born at 6:16. They didn't even have time to admit me first. I chanted through the whole thing! It really helped again! I also did some of the belly dancing moves in the days in advance and before going to the hospital to help the baby descend.
Your classes gave me the most useful tools for labor!