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Ballroom and Belly Dance Classes

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Belly Dance

Louise Dorian has been celebrating the feminine spirit through the ancient art of belly dancing for over 10 years. Belly dance, also known as Middle Eastern dance, stretches and strengthens the body to promote women's health in a spirit of fun and joy. Belly dance is for all ages.

New students are invited to try a free class!

Ballroom Dance

Louise also offers ballroom dance styling and choreography classes for women. In her own experience as a ballroom dance instructor and enthusiast, she observed a lot more women than men were interested in ballroom dance. And, it was hard to find a good male dancing partner. The solution - standalone choreography that lets you learn without a dance partner. Classes teach the steps and styling techniques for all the popular dances.

New students are invited to try a free class!

In addition to scheduled classes, Louise offers:

  • Private lessons in both belly dance and ballroom dance, $50/hour
  • Classes customized to your interests (four student minimum)
  • Wedding dance instruction and choreography
  • Latin dance classes for public and private schools,
    Grades 5–8

Dance the goddess energy within you!

pele choreography

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